Terms and conditions of travel

GENERAL TRAVEL CONDITIONS • Passengers are asked to report to the means of transport no later than 30 minutes before the departure of the flight, carrying the transport voucher. • Failure of passengers to board at the times specified on the travel voucher will result in the cancellation of the seat paid for the respective flight, without the return of the ticket value. • Each passenger is responsible for the validity of the documents required for the trip (passport, ID) and their possession. • Documents required for the trip: valid identity card or passport (MANDATORY – passport for children under 14). According to the regulations in force, minors must meet the following conditions in order to be allowed to leave the country: will travel with at least one accompanying adult; they will have the consent of both parents (or of the parent who does not accompany them) authenticated by a notary; o the accompanying adult, if he is not one of the parents, must have a criminal record to present at the border. • The transport company is not responsible for the refusal of the customs authorities to allow the passenger to enter / leave the country. In this situation, the journey will continue without delay so as not to cause discomfort and damage to other passengers. • The places in the means of transport are distributed in the order of registration, • In case the passenger gives up the trip, the following penalties will be charged: o without penalty, if the cancellation is made more than 15 calendar days before the departure date; o 100%, if the cancellation is made less than 15 calendar days before the departure date. • The transport company is not liable in case of delay of the means of transport, due to conditions beyond its control (eg due to traffic conditions, traffic jams, closure of certain road sections, customs controls, etc.) or due to the fault of passengers (eg .: program delays, offensive or hostile attitudes towards the attendant or drivers, deterioration of health, etc.). • In case of intervention, during the trip, of a defect impossible to remedy the defect of the means of transport, the transport company has the obligation to proceed to replace it with another functional means of transport, within 24 hours from the date of the defect, according legislation in force. • The responsibility for the loss, theft, damage to luggage, personal belongings or travel documents lies with the passengers. • During the journey (while traveling), the passengers’ luggage is provided by the transport company. • Transportation is provided and licensed for international flights. The stops are made at intervals of 2-3 hours for necessities, serving meals, etc. • Smoking, alcohol consumption, drug use and narcotics are strictly prohibited in the means of transport. • The transport company reserves the right to disembark intoxicated passengers, in violation of the aforementioned rules, which affect the order and safety of other passengers or drivers, without reimbursing the costs of transport / repatriation of the passengers concerned. • Passengers undertake to pay to the transport company the value of any damage to the means of transport. • If the passenger is dissatisfied with the services of the transport company, he has the obligation to send a written notification, having a clear and explicit content, regarding the signaled aspects regarding the contracted services, notification that will be sent to the transport company in maximum 3 calendar days from the end of the trip. If, following the analysis of the notification, it is found that the transport company has not fulfilled its assumed obligations, it will propose compensation alternatives or will compensate the passenger who made the notification with an amount equal to the value of the services not provided or improperly provided, within maximum 30 days from the date of filing the notification. The transport company will not respond to complaints made in collective name. • The fortuitous event and force majeure relieve the transport company of any liability. • Pets are not allowed, except for companion dogs for the blind. The passenger must announce this when booking the trip. It is the passenger’s obligation to be aware of the legislation in force on crossing the border with pets. Companion dogs will be charged a fee of 50% of the normal adult fare, applicable for round-trip or round-trip travel.